BMC’s Alpenchallenge AMP Road - The Lightweight Powerhouse

Jul 03, 2019

Fusing the power of technology with human potential, the all-new Alpenchallenge AMP Road has been crafted with rider-oriented integration, powerful drive unit, and a super-lightweight frame to deliver an unrivaled performance e-road bike ride experience.

Powerful Pedal-Assist Motor, Agile Handling and Maximum Battery Range

With the smooth Shimano electric motor and sleek carbon chassis, the Alpenchallenge AMP Road is designed for riders seeking one-of-a-kind style, maximum performance, and premium ride quality. While keeping the overall weight below the 15 kg (~33 lb) mark, the sleekly integrated drive unit utilizes the power and range of the Shimano STEPS pedal assist system and a 504 Wh battery.

“By testing a variety of different cockpit setups, we found the frame platform we developed worked really well with a drop bar, as its low center of gravity perfectly placed in the center of the bike. Additionally, a drop bar offers more variety for hand positions on longer rides. For road-oriented e-bikes, riders are looking for high power-to-weight ratio; a bike with the light and agile handling of a traditional road bike combined with pedal-assist power. When compared to other leading pedal-assist, drop-bar road bikes, our Alpenchallenge AMP Road offers much more power and double the battery range found on competing models,” said Mart Otten, Senior Product Manager Road at BMC Switzerland.

Premium Carbon Frame Performance and Exclusive MTT Vibration Damping

The full-carbon frame and fork create the foundation for one of the lightest e-bikes on the market, while providing an agile ride with precise road bike handling. BMC’s exclusive Micro Travel Technology (MTT) utilizes 10mm of tuned rear travel to enhances traction, comfort, and overall ride quality with virtually no weight penalty. The central battery position creates a low center of gravity that neutralizes the influence of the additional battery weight. Borrowed from BMC’s top-tier road race machines, the D-Shape seatpost provides superb comfort with a svelte look while keeping weight down to a minimum. “The Alpenchallenge AMP Road is the fourth e-bike to join the Alpenchallenge AMP family. Its terrain is clearly the road, but the MTT and 40c tire clearance capability increases its versatility for a variety of road conditions. This bike is designed for riders who love high-mileage rides, social spins, and everything in between,” Mart Otten, Senior Product Manager Road at BMC Switzerland.

The Perfect Fit for Every Rider

A broad collection of Integrated Cockpit System (ICS) stem dimensions enable riders to create their ideal riding position while delivering a clean look and optimum performance. ICS offers complete stack and reach adjustability; a dedicated spacer system for easy fit adjustment without stem removal and hydraulic hose disconnection. Achieving the perfect riding position does not compromise maintenance, on the contrary it allows for easy installation, adjustment, and service, as well as providing a durable, weatherproof location for electronic cables and hydraulic hoses. The ICS cockpit is available on LTD and ONE models.

Sizing, Geometry, and Models

The new Alpenchallenge AMP Sport is available in the following models: Alpenchallenge AMP Road LTD, Alpenchallenge AMP Road ONE, Alpenchallenge AMP Road TWO and available in sizes S, M and L.

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